Mark Dalzell

CEO: Nivsta Boards

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One Brand Name, spray painted with a Stencil, on each side.

Dad’s, Step Dad’s, Guardian’s & Uncle’s.

YouTube video footage below on how to make a Plywood Nivsta Board.

Now a stencil to spray paint, label Nivsta Boards.

No free stickers.

Chalk Rules layout.

YouTube video footage on how to chalk the four sets of Rules & play the four sets of Rules.

Line Basic Rules YouTube video footage.

Alphabet/Word Rules and Number Rules YouTube video footage.

MD 2022

MD 2022

MD 2022

MD 2022

MD 2022


Act 14.

AA got me back to little nz in 2002.

From London.

I played with two Football Clubs.

One Club, the first Club, I scored two goals in two games from right fullback. I also won the West Auckland forest run.

The second Club, I came on in the pitch, from memory near the end of the first half. Scored within five minutes with a header.

Neither Club signed me.

Please feel free to check out my best Footballing highlights at this link.

I’m right footed lol 🤣.

I went for a 13km run, the longest run in my life.

Within a day or so, I arrive at a family members house. My Uncle was there. A former Detective Senior Police Sargent. He had already filled out an 8a Form with & for Mental Health After hours Team, who, the two of them, were at the house. He wrote Mark is dilusional about some perceived Business idea. Has become very mentally dry from good AA sobriety & has become very chilled. ( He filled out the form before I had even arrived to the house, he hadn’t seen me or even talked to me in over 5 years ). He knew nothing about my success in London with my children’s playground game.

Success in London.

“There has been considerable change in behaviour for many children as a result of the Nivsta Boards. We are use to seeing some games being popular for a short while and then becoming cast aside for something new but these boards are being used daily after three months with interest as strong as ever.”

London, England, Mrs D L Campbell, Head Teacher.

8a Form.


In the 8a form the person filling it out, must have seen the person they’re filling the form out about, in the last 3 days!

Read it…….above……..

I go, the biggest mistake of my life to the Mental Health Unit.

A day or so later.

I meet a Kiwi Professor with my mum. The three of us. He says, I think you’re just a dry drunk Mark, he then says if you’re an alcoholic alot of my Kiwi friends are too.

Within a week, still in the Unit, Mark you’re Schizophrenic & I’m putting you, a 26 year old Athlete on oral resperidone & zopiclone addictive sleeping tablets.

He probably regrets saying that about Kiwi’s.

MD 2022.

My 8a Form, written by me.

Name of Person filling out the Form.

Relationship to the person you’re filling the form out about.

How long you’ve known them for.

When you last spent time with them ( an approximate date ), or talked to them. ( How they were when you last spent time with them, if it was a phone call what did you talk about etc ).

Why you think they are unwell or maybe becoming unwell etc.

You’re reason (s) for concern.

What has been said or done for your concern about the person you’re filling out the 8a Form for.

Finally to be signed and dated.

The person the Forms for, an option to sign the Form themselves if they agree or disagree with what has been written about them, also written their full name too.

Finally an option to write their, the person the Forms been written about, their point of view, story etc.


You can refuse any types of medication if you decide to.

Unless it is life threatening.

We will advise you if we think you need meds, what they are, with leaflets about them, having talked to friends & or family also.

Also importantly side effects & once you’ve explained it or them, we’ll advise you what your next options are.

If it is life threatening or has become that way from the medication etc, ( as it did with me, the agitation, mind altering, sickness, frustration, slowly losing my mind & loss of hope & becoming scared ), we may or may not put you under a Mental Health Act.

Then keep you in a Unit.

This below is how is how it should maybe be.

Let’s look at a Holistic treatment plan first. We’ll take you for three walks a day. One after breakfast, two after lunch & three if you wish after dinner. You’re welcome to talk to a Lawyer, a Religious person, a Spiritual Healer or the Police ( about your story & your rights etc ) first, before we put you on medication, for the very first time. Family, friends or a partner. If you wish, we’ll also talk to, too

Of course.

A holistic approach means to provide support that looks at the whole person, not just their mental health needs. The support should also consider their physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing.

MD 2022, end of my 8a Form, as already mentioned, written by me.

I’m not Schizophrenic Professor.

20 years later, 10 changed Mental Health diagnosises.

A Member of AA now for approximately 23 years.

Starting in London, then Auckland.

I at the age of 46, can’t run even more than 200 metres.

My Football Career was ended in 2002.

I still of course want to run every day.

But I just can’t reader’s.

An Organization interviewed a man who had Sexually Abused me, me aged around 14.

She later phoned me and said, he denied it he’s a nice guy and has a prominent position in the Community.

This was not very pleasant at a young age, but her words have played on my mind since around 2012. As now I’m 46. 2022.

I walk in to a Pub in Takapuna, this Kiwi bloke comes up to me, it’s ok if you’re Schizophrenic. Lol, what a joke…..funny guy. Never met him in my life.

With the Nivsta Boards in little nz it’s going great, I’ve just recently taken the time to email around 1,000 NZ Primary schools. Offering for Caretaker’s to make the game for children. Note…..not trying to make money.

One reply.

All good.

Incase you haven’t noticed my game is good, works & has 4 sets of Rules & comes with 22 fun Activities.

Anyway what more can a Man do than come home to NZ, make Fellowship Amends & try & get on with his Vision & Dreams etc. A life ?

From a School Teacher, Nursing Auxiliary, Footballer & stable good friend, ( 1997-2002- London ), to now 2022, on the NZ Invalids Benefit.

Sexual disfunction since 2013, because of my meds.

New Mental Health Condition’s.


  1. not willing to listen to or tolerate other people’s views; prejudiced.”it would be narrow-minded not to welcome these developments, a personality fault”


  1. attempting to impress by affecting greater importance or merit than is actually possessed.”pretentious tv advertising & personality fault”


  1. casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true.”he became the subject of much local gossip”

On the one hand, Scripture speaks strongly against gossip. Romans 1:29; 2 Corinthians 12:20 – Both differentiate gossip from slander and condemn it as the result of a depraved mind, unfitting for Christians. 1 Timothy 5:13; 2 Thessalonians 3:11 – Both condemn “busybodies” who “speak about things not proper to mention.”

I hope you enjoyed reading & I want to live to a good age, Auckland.

What does Ephesians teach about God?

God is the One who brings about the adoption of believers and He does it through Christ. This adoption implies forgiveness by God’s grace through the blood of Christ. The outcome of this is new lives for believers and the promise to be seated with Him in the heavenly realms and receiving the Spirit.

What is the 9th promise of AA?

Promise 9: Our whole attitude and outlook upon life will change. Promise 10: Fear of people and economic insecurity will leave us. Promise 11: We will intuitively know how to handle situations that use to baffle us.

Kind regards,

Best wishes,

Best intentions,


Mr D

Around 8 years ago, a one off event.