Angles Activities.

Option 1.

Two players.

In peers for this Activity throw the tennis ball at an angle with the Board straight, with you and the other player standing about two meters away from the board at each end. This Activity involves a throw and catch from the same side of the Board. Good for reaction timing.

The tennis ball rebounds off the Board to the other player on an angle.

Keep repeating the cycle.

You can also change sides, from right side to left side of the Nivsta Board. Throwing and changing your angles. Also your body posture angles.

Keep repeating the cycle.

Option 2.

Three players.

Same as above but with three players. The third player stands front on to the Nivsta Board. Play the Activity but rotate. So as per Option one, but then player three throws the ball front on to the Board as they have their turn. Once the tennis ball has been thrown from player one to player two, then player three has a front on turn. This is the cool bit, then the players move-rotate anti clock wise. The Activity continues with angled throws and catches then front on throw and catches. The three players rotate once the ball has got thrown back to player One.

Keep repeating the cycle.

Change of Player layout.

Slightly different Activity to the set up above.

Remember to rotate anti clockwise once player one, two and three have all had a turn.

Keep repeating the cycle.