Blind & Deaf👍⭐️

For the young Blind people👍⭐️


& voice activated as you read👍⭐️

Different languages voice activated.👍⭐️

Voice recording then, press play to hear your voice & repeat it to reinforce memory etc.👍⭐️

Translation etc.👍⭐️

Syllables👍⭐️ too for memory etc

Different sizes👍⭐️

Shape(s) = Fruit, vegetables & toys etc👍⭐️ To explain colours of what these items are made from & origination, orientation etc👍⭐️


Different languages options👍⭐️



Also voice activated speech from Braille to sentence(s) etc!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️👍 Speech to braille❤️

PIOW – PIOB colour(s)👍⭐️


For reading glasses etc👍⭐️

Contact lenses etc👍⭐️

Different text(s), language(s), to help from a young age, to help a Braille, to feel text(s), word(s), etc 👍⭐️

This may help in not or getting the correct lenses etc, glasses & language that is best taught from a young age etc👍⭐️

Different coloured eye drops to see if you know colour, from been born colourblind etc.👍⭐️

Dark room to light(very light), room size(s) etc to see what part of your brain is or has developed sight issue(s) etc👍⭐️

Sport(s) equipment in different sizes to help & make easier for you👍⭐️

Countries flags, colour(s) etc, to relate to shapes eg. star(s) etc or colour(s), to show the passion of what an individual Country has as there National Flag etc👍⭐️

Extend this readers, as for example, let a infant that is blind or partially blind, to feel shapes, heat Education of hot, warm or cold etc👍⭐️ & what the feeling of the temperature means, relates to a temperature/colour & item(s), of similar colour/common cololour(s), used & to educate most popular item(s) etc! That are most prevalent etc to a object/colour etc 👍⭐️

Readers use extension on all of this please👍⭐️

Use your imagination please readers!👍⭐️

You’re special👍⭐️

For young Deaf people or hearing issue(s) etc👍⭐️


As you read text etc a vibration alert(s) etc Bass/Beat sensory👍⭐️

Use your imagination please readers!👍⭐️

Different languages options👍⭐️

Automatic word generative sentence structure to help as you read etc👍⭐️

Press play to repeat as you read & correction of spelling. Words etc, automatic language translation etc👍⭐️

Different styles of font, capital letters is best etc. Different languages text etc👍⭐️

Automatic word generation, as you learn to repeat your corrections etc👍⭐️

Enhancement of volume to stimulate your sensory brain function etc👍⭐️

Beats, bass for words etc, syllables etc👍⭐️

Correction of spelling as you go etc👍⭐️

Language transformation automatic !👍⭐️

Education of male & female voice(s). To help you comprehend different softly spoken word generation etc Stern voices too👍⭐️

Education on how you were born deaf or impaired etc!👍⭐️

Drug use to stimulate brain system etc👍⭐️

Training to educate you as your voice corrects itself etc👍⭐️

Save voice talk to show improvements & research into how & what part of the hearing brain stimulation access is granted through different therapy’s etc 👍⭐️

Larger text for larger text – words in Braille etc for larger words etc👍⭐️

Hearing aids when needed👍⭐️

A chip in hearing aids, to translate a language for you to a language that you seem to generate, relate better to as a infant, child or youth, you etc👍⭐️

PIOW – PIOB colour(s)👍⭐️

What is the simple definition of sign language?

Sign language is manual communication commonly used by people who are deaf. Sign language is not universal; people who are deaf from different countries speak different sign languages. The gestures or symbols in sign language are organized in a linguistic way.

Readers use extension on all of this please👍⭐️

Use your imagination please readers!

You’re special👍⭐️


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