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It’s free to read for now but when my Business takes off it will be password protected & school’s will have to pay for the Programme.

Nivsta Boards School Programme.

Nivsta Boards can be introduced at assembly. Ideally you would have one board for each class.

When you buy a Nivsta Board it will have two qr code stickers on it. One to take you to Nivsta know it all book & one to take you to the Website.

A daily timetable to be setup to ensure that every class gets to use their Nivsta Board in the designated area.
1) The teacher tells the children that whoever makes good choices gets to use the game at morning break.

2) The teacher tells the children that whoever makes good choices gets to use the game at lunch break. Nivsta Board school programme.

3) The two children chosen go out to morning break first and are to go automatically to the front of the line when waiting to re-enter the classroom.

4) The same applies for lunch time lining up.

5) When using the Nivsta Board it is to be placed in a selected area of the playground, this area is not to be entered by any other children, in time others will want a turn and are likely to start asking questions on how to get a turn.

6) Year 6 children can volunteer to be monitors.  Each volunteer will be assigned to a class.  They go to the class of the younger students and show the children how to view the Nivsta Boards YouTube videos on their classroom’s computers. This prepares them for game time.
According to the timetable, the monitor for that class is to set up the game in the designated area, wear their bibs and supervise the players of the game.  Take a list of players’ names and their scores Numeracy Rules & words made Alphabet/ word Rules, then hand this to their teacher. 
This takes pressure off teachers’ duties in the playground.

7) Certificates are an option too and can be given to the children in the classroom or at the school assembly.

The game helps release pent up tension and energy for the children as it involves elements of Aussie Rules, Handball, Waterpolo, Cricket, Gridiron, Rugby, Basketball, Netball, Baseball & gives children a break from classroom laptops, ipads, mobile’s & the Teachers in class large teaching screen.

If you have any questions please contact me at the CONTACT page at this website

The tennis balls will have NIV IT NOW on them.

You can request to have Room 7, Room blue or Room Wellington or Room Rimu written on your Nivsta Boards depending on what room numbers or names your school uses.



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