Childhood Memories.

Keys in pot, Game – Activity.

Chair child, sitting on a chair.
In a circle, one person on a chair with, pot below them.
In the middle.
Blind folded.
Take turns in placing key’s.
Each child has a number.
The Teacher chooses a number, that child places keys in a pot.
Then another child, tries to collect keys, without getting hit, by the person in the middle, who has a rolled up magazine in their, hand, whilST, blind folded.
The child, if he or she collects keys without getting hit, back to circle, then gets a turn at being, blind folded.
Game goes on, until every child has had a turn, at their number been called out to have a go at trying to get keys, with out getting hit.

Touch – Game – Activity.

In a circle facing outwards,
Pass around objects items of different shapes.
Guessing what it is.
Five different objects, passed around in a circle.
Each child has a notepad, to note what they thought, the five different objects are.

Back to back – game – activity,

Two children, back to back.
One child draws a shape, number etc, whilst saying to the child with their back to them. What they’re drawing etc.
The other child then uses their imagination to draw what has been said to them.
Continue for 7 drawings etc, then show one another paperwork. See how well the explainer explained it, the other child’s efforts too. Drawn & written.
Swap over, shape, number child, speaker, swaps roles with listener – drawer.

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