Nivsta Boards, Van Franchise Employment. Employees…❤️ DRAFT✌️

The Nivsta Boards Business will provide a lot of employment.

I will employee special workers to employ all Nivsta Boards Representatives.

Someone to get a Professional video made, to be based at this Website, a private page, showing how to run the Van Franchise Programme.

Three people per Van Franchise, school visits. Someone to order clothing for Employees, two in Nivsta clothing and Mr Nivsta the Mascot.

Mr Nivsta Mascot.

The terms & conditions of payment by schools or Parents, guardians, to the Van day school programme employees, to be paid to the Van Franchise owner.

Someone or a few people to make the Nivsta Boards, paint them and label them.

Someone to deal with the Nivsta Boards Franchises and franchisees.

Someone to purchase the tennis balls, organize word searches, the Mascot stickers, colouring ins, Mr Mini Nivsta Figurines, pens, caps, certificates, bags and scratchies.

An Accountant, or few.

Someone to purchase vans, get them labeled and maintain WOF and Registration. With a TV in each van for the children to see how to chalk the rules etc.

People to contact school’s to get interest and also email Marketing.

Someone to purchase paint for the below and look after it at Nivsta Boards Headquarters. Also mass production of the large chalk.

Also a few people to go to schools to spray paint the Rules layout on the playground. If the School or Organization chooses not to get this option that they have to pay for, the four sets of Rules layout template spray paint stencil template, they’ll just use chalk as there way to get the four sets of Rules layout onto the Schools playground floor.

The School would have to benefit from the the Sponsor in some way, if the Principal agreed to there Logo or Business name was spray painted onto the playground floor.

This School Programme explains itself.

Take a Nivsta Board home on a FrIday👍

Someone to design the School Programme brochure to be handed out at Van Franchise time. At schools. Also to get them printed, to post to Van Franchise Employees.

A full time person working on the Website, updates of the children’s photo gallery and the News page.

A few people to organize Sponsorship labeling for all options of them to be seen, plus for the Van Franchise Competitions prizes giveaways, to be sent to the Nivsta Boards Headquarters.