Eight Educational Nivsta Boards YouTube videos, Nivsta Skills Activity, how to chalk the rules & play the four sets of rules, 1v1 with one tennis ball each and five Kindergarten Activities.

Nivsta Skills Activity.

The four sets of rules, how to chalk them and how to play them.

You can play,

One v one


Two v two

With one tennis ball, between the two or four of you.

Or one v one with one tennis ball each, if you miss hitting the Nivsta Board with your throw, collect your own tennis ball then continue playing. First to complete the rule is the winner.

If you drop the rebound catch you are still on the same,





For your next turn.

If the chalked Rules are to easy, just chalk them further away from the Nivsta Board.

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Kindergarten Activity.

Two Kindergarten Activities.

Kindergarten Activity.

Kindergarten Activity.