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⚽Football Career.⚽

Played for East Coast Bays AFC. Midgets. Auckland.
I graduated for my Bronze?, Silver? & Gold? School Holiday Programme. Auckland.
North Shore City Representative, played in Tournaments around the North Island. New Zealand.
School’s of Excellence Programme. Auckland.
Rangitoto College, I’d play half a game for the 2nd 11, then play a full game for the 1st 11, both games on a Saturday. Auckland.
Auckland Under 19’s played at Mount Smart. Auckland.
Played three years in a row in Napier Under 19’s Tournament’s. Third year as an over age Representative, which may still be used. Napier. New Zealand.
North Shore United. Auckland.
Takapuna. Auckland.
Trialed with Forrest Hill Milford & was offered a Contract $50 a game. Auckland.
Glenfield Rovers. Auckland.
Hampton & Richmond, London, England.
Trialed with Barnet, London, Lincoln City, Lincoln & Sutton United. London, England.
Brookers FC. Kent, England.
Scouted & sent to Vfb Stuttgart Agent Juergen Schwab, Stuttgart, Germany.??
Played in every position for East Coast Bays AFC, Foreign Legion.? Auckland.


Nivsta Boards

Kindergarten to year 6.

A tennis ball board rebound game.

Four sets of Rules.

Nivsta Boards Skills & Values.

Also four Curriculums.

Line-basic Rules:

honesty with what line you are on, memory, focus, concentration, communication, throwing and catching skills, hand eye co-ordination, reaction times, decision making, vision, under pressure, strategies and co-operation.

Physical Education Curriculum.

Number Rules:

throwing and catching skills, honesty with what number you are on,memory, focus, hand eye co-ordination, communication, concentration, addition and subtraction work, decision making, reaction times, vision, under pressure, strategies and co-operation.

Numeracy Curriculum.

Also, Physical Education Curriculum.

Alphabet-word Rules:

throwing and catching skills, honesty what letter you are on, memory, focus, hand eye co-ordination, alphabet familiarization, word work, communication, concentration, decision making, reaction times, vision, under pressure, strategies and co-operation.

Literacy Curriculum.

Also, Physical Education Curriculum.

Colour Rules:

throwing and catching, hand eye co-ordination, focus, communication, concentration, decision making, co-operation, reaction times, vision, under pressure, strategies and with Colour Rules 2 you have to play with honesty and use your memory as to what colour you have already thrown and caught from.

Art Curriculum.

Also, Physical Education Curriculum

22 Activities

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Num-BARS Game, 1-12.

Countries- FlagZ-game.

Spinning wheel numbered 1-12. A mat numbered 1-12. Or mat’s and Wheels, for more than twelve Infants.

Infant one spins the number wheel and sits on that number on the Num-BAR mat. Next infant spins the number wheel and sits on that number on the Num-BAR mat, if they spin the same number as the first infant’s number he or she spins again until he or she gets a different number to sit on. Continue on with this process. Obviously the more numbers that are spun and sat on the harder it is for the infants when it is there turn, as numbers are already taken and sat on. This is where it becomes fun. Infants keep spinning the wheel until there are 12 of you infants sitting on the Num-BAR mat. When it gets harder to spin on a Num-BAR because numbers have already been taken, the Teacher says to the infant, you can move the arrow, pointer closer to the number(s) that are free to spin on to. This will save time too. But still fun. The Teacher guides the infants to what numbers are still available to spin on to.

Whilst the infants are sitting on the mat note to keep them entertained the tv is on to entertain them, whilst the other infants spin the wheel.

While the infants spin the wheel they get entertained by watching one another spin the wheel.

Next the most well behaved infant sitting on the mat spins the number Wheel. He or she then spins a 7. If he or she wasn’t sitting on 7 he or she then goes and holds hands with 7 infant and together hand out fruit and water, milk or juice to the remaining sweethearts. Next the child that ate all their fruit and drank all their drink chooses a freind to collect all cups and remaining fruit scraps. Then story time from Staff. Please Note Num-BARS game is infant focused. Amen.

If you have more than 12 Infants at your kindergarten use two mats and two number spin wheels. That covers for 24 darlings.

The Mats will be made of plastic with anti sliding undercover grip, rolled out for the infants, safe for fruit and liquid spillages, hence easy to clean and to be reused.

Imagine a large mat.

Spinning wheel.

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Same as above but spin the wheel to sit on the Mat with the matching same flag as the wheel. There are alot of Countries in the world so when you buy the game it will come with all Countries but each time you use it you pull out a new wheel and new mat, to process through all the Worlds Countries. The mats will have a flag on them and the name of the Country matching. Rotate mats as you go day to day. With the matching wheel. Guide the infants to whatever Countries haven’t been spun on to yet, as per the same support for the infant(s) as per the above description in the Num-BARS game.


Copyright © 12.9.2019 Mark Dalzell

New Watch.

(P)ass (I)t (O)n (W)atch.

Buy it from a store.



It is a pass on watch, in a way that with the App & the watch you type in your details such as your name, age, interests, hobbies, what Country your in at the time of buying the PIOW.
Where you like to hang out, bars, church, cafes, MOSQUE etc.
Single, married, children etc.
The PIOW has a code that you get when you buy it, you type in this code to the PIOW App.
This activates the PIOW.
Pass it on, the person that you pass it onto can be a stranger or someone you know, or someone new at the MOSQUE etc. Or a bar, nightclub.
They then wear it on their wrist. They then get the Code & enter their information to the App.
The Watch has the time, date, counts your steps.
It rings when a person that is following you from the previous owner(s) of it and you may have already checked out their information at the App etc.
May even leave the Country.
Once it’s been passed on to a few people or a good group size you can see interests, where the passers like to hangout or the current owner of the Watch can organize a Meetup at a place for all previous owners of it.
Once again it may even leave the Country.
This is the exciting part as it the PIOW becomes a Global watch and all previous owners can follow previous owners etc.
Also if you wish you can have whilst owning it have typed in what Countries you have been to.
You may even like the look of the Men or Woman that have previously owned it, if they uploaded a photo of themselves etc.
You can phone them or email them if these details were disclosed to the App as to previous owners of the Watch.
It is 100% Confidential only to previous owners & the current owner.

The App is not free….

The PIOW is around $ ? TBA dollars, as it is up to the individual if they want to buy one or they’ve heard about this new Invention.
Starting the Pass on watch has it’s advantages as the individual may have decided to edit their details etc as a privacy or their state of mind whilst they had previously entered information etc.
Their Mental Health at the time or the man or woman they passed it onto, & how they don’t want to Meetup anymore.
Hence were they on a substance whilst fancing someone at the initial attraction and don’t want them to know their mobile number or email address etc.
At the App you can edit your information, details etc and block anyone that has previously owned it or since new owners have owned, to help your journey etc.

In a description for the PIOW, a person buys it from a store. They then download the App. ( Which is not free ). Then they enter the code too, that came with the PIOW. Now they can wear it, see the time, date & counts your steps. They can wear it out to a number of many different locations. As previously mentioned, it as a Pass It On Watch, can pass it on. Your details have been entered at the App with the code that came with it. The code is no use to anyone that hasn’t owned the PIOW. With your details you may thoroughly enter alot about yourself to the App. This will help the next owner to read at the App, about you.

The benefits.

Pass it on to someone you fancy, meet, at a location of interest. A place that you may or may not go often. Having the first owner, or owners added their own interests, hobbies, job, jobs done, photo of them, marital status, children, area where they live, age, Date of birth, smoker, alcohol drinker or what they’re looking for in a future partner, what types of food you like & where you like to hangout etc. Once again an owner can go to the App & organize a meet up for previous owners, owner etc and all meet up.

Copyright © The PIOW Mark Dalzell 2022

The Grin-Dal.

Grin-Dal. ( Grinder/pedal ).

All ages.

A bubble.

Unzip it, get in, pedal forwards to go forwards, pedal backwards to go backwards.

Grind right grinder, to go right.

Grind left grinder, to go left.

Brakes on the grinder handle bars.

In the making, brief description, use your imagination.

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Use your imagination. Less hasle carrying an extra bag over your shoulder or holding in your hand. Good equal weight for your posture.

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Work, concentrate on your strengths, forget about your weaknesses, your strengths will override your weaknesses.
Weaknesses are your strengths.
They’ll get stronger as you concentrate, think about them less, while you are concentrating on your strengths you will subconsciously improve things that are, maybe a weakness & or a strength that is just underdeveloped.
Weaknesses are just strengths waiting to be improved when your strengths, have offered this opportunity to you. Be patient.
Weaknesses are you just been a human.

MD 01/06/2022