Van Franchise, Draft.

Individual Sales.

Education Department’s buy a Franchise.

Three people per Van Franchise, school visits. Two in Nivsta clothing and Mr Nivsta the Mascot.

The first Nivsta Mascot will be great.

Even if it’s just for him or her dressed in the outfit, he or she can visit schools & after school programmes.

Music or no music….

Music or no Music?

Nivsta warm-up activity….

Nivsta warm-up activity

Four Optional Van day school programme Franchise participant’s competitions…

Four Franchise competitions.

At the end of the Van Nivsta Boards Day School Programme hand out the Nivsta Board School Programme brochure.

School Programme…..

School Programme, Nivsta Board ( s ), tennis ball, chalk, qr code Nivsta know it all book & Website qr code, both on the board ( s ). ( 4 sets of Rules, Nivsta Skills & 22 fun Activities ). $? Draft.

How to chalk the four sets of Rules & play them. Draft.

For Van day school programme,

A: Before School time & After School time. Longer programme. $ TBA. Likely $50 per child.

( As per mentioned below, all 30 Nivsta Van day school Franchise children ( 30 children programme participant’s only ), get a scratchie, one in 30, if you scratch a Mr Mini Nivsta Mascot Figurine, you win a free Nivsta Board ). 

B: Lunchtime school time & Physical Education school time. $ TBA. Shorter programme. Likely $40 per child.

Van TV.

  1. Watch how to chalk the Rules. A & B.
  2. Watch how to Play the Rules. A & B.
  3. Next chalk the Rules and play them. A & B. 
  4. Competition time. A.
  5. Painting time. A.
  6. Gifts handed out by Nivsta Staff and Mascot. ( A. Full gifts ) – ( B. a few gifts ).
  7. Put your gifts in your bag. Including the word search. A. B. Take your gifts home.

Van Nivsta Day School Programme example.

I the owner of Nivsta Boards get a sum of money per Nivsta Board sold.


Actual package content, and corresponding cost, will vary to accommodate the school’s or institution’s needs and reflect their objectives. You may wish to, for example charge the School $1,500 for the Programme, as per the Franchise Programme below and part of the deal the School gets a free Nivsta Board inclusive of the price. A standard set of Franchise Guidelines will serve as the starting point, and then discussions will lead to a specific content and cost.

There are alot of Schools in the World. Also selling Franchises too.

Franchise Competitions winners, get a Sponsor’s prize.

You may be thinking your playground is too small for fifteen Nivsta Boards, Nivsta Boards offers thirty, $1,500, twenty $1,000 and ten $500, groups of children per Van Franchise time.

The Nivsta Van Day School Programme can take place before school, during lunchtime or after school. With the van and 15 Nivsta Boards you could accommodate say 30 children, with one Board between two children. Charges may vary but $50 per child would work per session. Note Parents/caregivers etc would have to pay for the before school and after school sessions for a child or children. Where as with the lunchtime School Programme the school would be charged the $1,500 for example with the free Nivsta Board inclusive of the price. NOTE each Country has rules regarding adult supervision per child so you would need to make sure you have enough Nivsta Workers per child ratio. NOTE, depending on the Country you may have permission to do a Van Nivsta School Programme during a Physical Education lesson time, the school would be charged of course.

Use the contact form to briefly indicate your needs or ideas, and we will get back to you with some proposals.

Franchise Example

The Nivsta Board Day Van School Programme. For year’s 5 and 6 children. A van with an in built large TV & DVD player ( the DVD player to be playing the rules continuously with sponsorship adverts, this enables those children that don’t know how to play the game to soon learn) also with fifteen Nivsta Boards arrives at a school for Nivsta before school time, Nivsta  lunchtime, Physical Education Lesson Nivsta time or Nivsta after school club time. The session length may vary in time.


Written work is an option with the children optionally or compulsory starting and or completing a word search which may vary in words. The word search contains words relating to the Nivsta Board such as Throw & Catch with incorporated words linking to the sponsor(s).

L N U M B E R S C C B F 
Q U Y V I T C U O D C Q 
C F T E B A H P L A Z D 
E P I E R R C S O E E A 
K B L E N T E D U V S Z 
N O I T A N I D R O O C 
I A B A I E I H S L Z N 
V R A L S C W S Q M N S 
S D C P D N U O B E R K 
T S G M L O P O R A H I 
A K S E O C A T C H L L 
M N E T G N E C B N T L 

For the younger children a spelling test activity.

Coming soon at the end of the Programme dip the ball in paint, throw it at the Board. Each child has a turn. The Board is wooden, it gets a tennis ball paint job by the children.

Part of the cost for the Van Franchise is this unique idea, all fun and the wooden Nivsta Board is free inclusive of the Programme cost.

For more information please use our contact form 

Each child gets Mr Nivsta stickers and a Mr Nivsta colouring in to take home. A word search.

Wow and one of these, a Mr Mini Nivsta figurine.



A free cap, 

One qr code to take you to,

& one qr code to take you to the Nivsta know it all book.

Also a Scratchie be in to win a Free Nivsta Board.

Also a pen.

At the end of the Van Nivsta Boards Day School Programme hand out the Nivsta Board School Programme brochure.


Rules & regulation’s.

Terms & Condition’s.

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