💫Gold Mr Mini Nivsta Figurine💫

Children get to see the Manufacturing at the Factory where the Boards get made.

Also a free GOLD Mr Mini Nivsta Figurine each.

This only applies to Van Franchise selected


Nivsta Boards, Van Franchise, Draft. MINE. My own income.

If your School can’t afford the Van Franchise visit, or parent(s), guardian(s) or carer(s), make your own Nivsta Boards. Also Caretakers make them for children.

& please show Principals, Caretakers, Parent(s), Guardian(s), Carer(s),Head Teachers, also the schools Sports person the Rules @ YouTube please!

Maybe even fly to New Zealand, the only Country that has Gold figurine produced. 💫👍

& the only Country that manufactures real 100% quality Nivsta Boards etc💫✌️❤️👍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️😇💡