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h2O Cafe.

Order a coffee, water bottle & a muffin at the h2O Cafe.

What’s so special at this Cafe, is that with every hot drink you order, you get to choose a water bottle. The uniqueness is that you can look at the Alphabet in the viewing glass fridge and ask for a water bottle from a Country.

Each different Countries water bottle will have a different price.

Every Country in the World that produces there own water bottle(s).

For example,

New Zealand


The classic. Pump is made of pure New Zealand spring water sourced from Putaruru.

As crisp and refreshing as water can get.

Pump is built for endurance and durability. Made from BPA free materials, all Pump bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic. This means that when recycled, Pump bottles can go on to have another life. 

Today, Pump continues to be New Zealand’s most iconic water brand and is synonymous with hydration for Kiwis on the go.

As a new Cafe one day, it will take time to get Water Bottles from all over the world.

At our Cafe h20 App, you can view all the water bottles Countries Populations, there National Anthem, Capital, Flag & Languages spoken.

App price, coming one day.

Also more information about water bottles, from all over the world.


Franchises available one day

I own one Franchise.

Auckland, h20 Cafe.

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At h20 Cafe Auckland, you are welcome to help yourself to a Loyalty card. When you get to the tenth h20 stamp you will, choose.

  1. Win a free hot drink.
  2. Win a free Muffin.
  3. Win a free Water bottle. Each time you visit h20 Cafe Auckland, when you speak to the staff member talking to you, once you’ve ordered your food, drink(s) etc, you can guess the Country of the week. If you guess this weeks Country, out of the 195 different Countries water bottles is correct, for the week, you win a free app membership. Note, one guess, per order. Terms & Conditions apply, honesty apply & you have to type into the h20 Cafe Auckland’s laptop, your answer for privacy, against the next Customer. One chance in 195, per week. Per order. Honesty is the key & please don’t share with other customers if you guess the correct Country for the week! We may one day make it, one winner a day/week. Or if we’re finding that people are sharing the Country of the week, we’ll just, have it as a chance to win a free app membership, valued & covered at the price of the app. We’ll at h20 Cafe’s, decide how often you get a free app membership, at our discretion. Options for Franchise owners. On a Monday, offer a special group of Four or more, free one per order & each customer ( group, size ), guess the Country of the Week, for a free app Membership etc. Maybe offer children under 16 a free National Anthem token to choose a National Anthem at the Anthem machine etc. Prove your Birthday & get a free app Membership or say, a free Anthem machine token for a National Anthem at the Anthem machine.

At the Auckland h20 Cafe we’ll have a coin, bank card operated machine. You can get for $2 at the machine, a choice of all Countries in the world, National Anthems ( the machine to play it and music played in the h20 Auckland Cafe, in there National language ) & on the large screen in the Cafe, the words will be screened in English and there language too. Also to note in-between the machine’s music, the h20 Cafe will not play any other music.

Mark Dalzell

h20 Cafe Auckland Website coming soon.


copyright ©️ 2023

Special offer, first Franchise free, Terms & Conditions that you pay for the app to be developed. Terms & Conditions for first free Franchise. That you give me 5 reasons why you deserve it? Including paying for the h20 app to be designed please!

Also to pay someone to write the Franchise up & license it etc.




At 30 June 2023: New Zealand’s estimated resident population was provisionally 5,223,100.

National Anthems.


Watch “National Anthems: New Zealand (Aotearoa) – Short version + Lyrics + Translation” on YouTube.




Wellington (Māori: Te Whanganui-a-Tara [tɛ ˈɸaŋanʉi a taɾa] or Pōneke [ˈpɔːnɛkɛ]) is the capital city of New Zealand.




Languages spoken.


Maori & English.

Countries Populations, there National Anthem, Capital, Flag & Languages spoken.

What is the oldest water bottle brand?

The oldest brands of bottled water illustrate the industry’s origins. Probably the very oldest brand of bottled water, Evian, is produced on the southern shore of Lake Geneva, in France, near a place called Évian-les-Bains, literally Evian-the-Baths. Evian began to be sold in 1830 in earthenware jugs.

Bottled water revenue in leading countries worldwide 2023. In the bottled water market in 2023, the United States generated the most revenue at approximately 94 billion U.S. dollars. Ranked second and third were China and Germany who generated approximately 73 and 21 billion U.S. dollars respectively.

What happens with recycled water bottles?

The recycling process has several stages; collecting bottles from a central location, then shredding them, melting the shreds down, and reforming them into pellets. These pellets then act as the raw material for the production of new plastic goods, including new water bottles!

How long can I use a plastic water bottle?

But because plastic can begin leaching into bottled water over time, they generally have an expiration date of 2 years from the date of manufacture.

Water is h2O, a clear, colorless, odorless, tasteless liquid that freezes into ice below 0 degrees centigrade and boils above 100 degrees centigrade.

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