Infant Activity.

Pre-School/Kindergarten Activity.

The Infants will link a Letter to a word to learn the Alphabet & remember how many numbers are in the Alphabet.

Also learning how to spell to 26-Twenty Six.

& finally Multi-Tasking.


As you go around in circle, start with A.

An infant then says, from the circle, A for Apple.

1-One, the infant says, o-n-e,-to spell it.

This continues until the whole Alphabet-Numbers 1-26 is Completed.

It can be a daily Routine-Activity.


Spot a Genius, an Infant that remembers a Letter relating to a Number. A Number relating to a letter.

A-Z. A=1-o-n-e=one. 1-26. o-n-e=one=1. A-Z. A apple.

Early Emergency Services, memory for Infants.

A=111=A=for=apple. Saying.

Make it a song.


Incorporate this to the Nivsta Boards game.

For year Ones & Twos, Primary School ages.

Chalked or Painted Rules, as per the below information, for Rules, please use your imagination Teachers.

Rules Layout.