Kindergarten/Pre-school infants Activities 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.


Mix it up a bit Kindergarten infants.

Try playing the Activities with other balls ( objects ), such as a ping pong ball, a football, basketball, bouncy ball, a partly blown up balloon with water in it & a Rugby ball.

Activity 1.

The infants sit down and the game is to roll the ball at the Nivsta Board with it going over the top of the Nivsta Board to the other infant. The infant collects the tennis ball and rolls it back over the top of the board, back to the other infant. The game continues with infants rolling the tennis ball to one another over the top of the board. If the infant struggles to roll the tennis ball over the top of the board, she or he can just throw it over the top of the Nivsta Board, to the other infant. Then the other infant can roll it or throw it back over the Nivsta Board.

Activities 2 and 3.

2. Roll the tennis ball and hit the Board end on. Repeat the process and move further away from the Board. Collect your rebounds.

3. Roll the tennis ball at the Board then let it roll back to you. Move further away to make it more fun. Repeat the process.

Activity 4.

Roll the tennis ball on an angle for your Infant friend to make it rebound to them, then they roll it back to you as it hits the Board, the same as the first player did.

Activity 5. Bumps Activity.