🎶⚽Football CV⚽️🎶


Mark 21 in London.

Phase 7 Model Agency?!


Mark 48 in Auckland.

A few years ago Model. Around 44. Auckland. KAM.

Mark’s Football CV.


I use to train with Kevin Fallon, Sean Fallon & Rory Fallon before School.

I received my Bronze, Silver & Gold Award’s at the old New Zealand Soccer Holiday Programme.

North City Rep, three years in a row.

I was selected for the School’s of Excellence training squad with Jason Batty in goal too.

I use to play half a game for Rangitioto College second 11, then a full game for the first team in the afternoon.

Auckland Under 19’s. 

Played at Mount Smart.

I was offered $50 a game to play for Forrest Hill Milford in my late teens.

I made various appearance’s for Glenfield Rovers off the bench, for the 1st team, with the odd start, in 1997.

Then on October the 9th 1997 I moved to Halifax & trained with the YT’s that had time off school to train, under the guidance of Bernard Alison.

London 1998 – 2002.

I moved back to London, the first game I watched was with my sister at the Hendon ground.

After Work, I’d run from Morden to South Wimbledon, do weights, swim, bus home to Morden & have a good feed.

At my peak, I was doing the above plus, indoor Football on a Friday night at Balham, indoor Football Saturday mornings at Tooting Hospital Gym, Saturday 11 a side Football & Sunday 11 a side Football in Kent.

I trialed with Hampton & Richmond & also played off the bench at the Police Headquarters in London, whilst making other starts for them too.

I trialed in Copenhagen.

I was Scouted playing for a Sunday League Football Team Brookers, a Pub team in Kent. Sent to Stuttgart to train under an agent with his players, under his Agency.

Rob Kelly Kent, Scout? English!

Agent Jurgen Schwab? German!

From Sunday League Football!

I trialed with Barnet, but walked part of the way to get there & didn’t perform very well.

I Trialed with Sutton & sat on the bench v Leicester City.

I trialed with Lincoln City at Notts County ground Reserve’s V Notts County. I played for the first half.

My highlight was scoring a goal from over half way, in London.


Two left footed passes in two minutes, he is right footed!

When Mark was SCOUTED.

What is the meaning of myth and legend?

Myths are stories that are passed down about how or why something came to be. Legends are designed to teach a lesson about a real person in history, with a few facts dramatically changed.

I retired in Auckland in 2002, after a good few trials & a run of 13km’s, the longest run in my life.

Mark is Right & Left footed.

Trialed with Central United FC.
Scored two goals from right Fullback in both pre-season games.
Won the West Auckland Forrest run.

Not signed.

I texted him a few days ago 2023 January,

I asked him why he didn’t sign me,
this was his reply.

From the 2002 Trial.

I wanted to, but I knew we didn’t have enough in the budget for a player of your quality. 2023. (I waited 21 years later to ask him this).

Arsenal V VfB Stuttgart Pre – Season.




!2002🌟Retired🌟 2002!


What are the lessons of the Gospel of Mark?

We learn that our relationship with Christ should be very personal, and remember that Jesus was both fully human and fully divine. We learn from Mark that, in an incredibly short time, the world can change. And Mark’s life illustrates for us that even sinners and outcasts are welcomed by Jesus.

Which country invented soccer?

Did soccer originate in England? Yes – Modern soccer began in England in 1863. And before that there were several versions of people kicking a ball.

Now a Businessman.

I did all the correct things!

I came home to make AMENDS🎶⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🎶