Marks Job CV.

Auckland Star delivery boy.

Rangitioto College tuck shop worker.

Palmer’s garden centre worker.

Supermarket checkout operator.

Indoor lifeguard.

Aqua-robics, swimming, Instructor.

Diploma in Teaching Primary, Intermediate. New Zealand qualification.

London Supply Teacher 1998-2002.

CEO Nivsta Boards.

1998 to present.

Brookers 3-1 up over V Arsenal Sunday League team.1999, when Mark was Scouted. 1.53 length. 3.54 length.
Mark is right footed.

I retired in Auckland in 2002, after a good few trials & a run of 13km’s, the longest run in my life.

Trialed with Central United FC.
Scored two goals from right Fullback in both pre-season games.
Won the West Auckland Forrest run.

Not signed.

I texted him a few days ago 2023 January,

I asked him why he didn’t sign me,
this was his reply.

From the 2002 Trial.

I wanted to, but I knew we didn’t have enough in the budget for a player of your quality. 2023. ( I waited 21 years later to ask him this ).