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Nivsta Boards most important Rule.

Line/basic, Number, Alphabet Word & Colour Rules explanation on how to use your imagination & test yourself.

Instagram Skills, Warmup Activity.

Nivsta Boards.
YouTube video one, two & three.

How to chalk the four sets of Rules and play them.

Alphabet Word Rules & Number Rules video.

Line basic Rules video.


Grin-Dal All ages.

Nivsta2bags All ages.

Num-Bars 1-12 game Kindergarten.

Countries- FlagS-game Kindergarten.

Dictionary Games.

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I own one Franchise.

Auckland, h20 Cafe.

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Franchise one.

Nivsta Van day school programme Franchise.

Franchise two.

H20 Cafe.

Children’s story.

The days we went to the car wash.

Marks Football Drills School.

Mark Arsenal Football Team.

 Job CV.

Watch “Matt Cardle – The First Time (Ever I Saw Your Face)” on YouTube.