My London Supply Teaching secrets. 1998-2002.

Hi Mark,

Mr D.

Primary schools Supply Teacher.

As long as, as a Supply Teacher you did the Numeracy hour & Literacy hour, you were able to do other educational games, activities with the children, for the rest of the day.

As it’s a special day for the children to meet someone new, in this case, Mr D, the London Supply Teacher.

They would sketch around their hand with a pencil, then use a felt tip pen of their favourite colour to make it look better & colour it in with their favourite colour, with a coloured pencil.

Also the children were showed how to do an acrostic poem like this…..with their Christian name.


Also I would get every child one by one to come up to me at my desk, I would then write their name in bubble writing.

They’d then colour it in. With each letter one colour or each letter a different colour.

I use to do these Activities too.

I would introduce the children to the fun nine times tables theory.

& of course if the weather was good Physical Education in the playground.