My London Supply Teaching secrets. 1998-2002. With view to helping Kid’s in the playground, with the Nivsta Boards, game. NZ Relief Teachers. Back to basics!

Hi Mark,

Mr D.

Primary schools Supply Teacher.

Back to basics.


From around 1999 until 2002 I was a Supply Teacher in London.

My Agencies, were, Mark Education, CFBT- Call For Better Teaching & Abacus Education.

I was a Supply Teacher in around 500 Primary Schools in London, over a four year period.

With view to one day bringing back the Nivsta Boards to London children.

As long as, as a Supply Teacher you did the Numeracy hour & Literacy hour, you were able to do other educational games, activities with the children, for the rest of the day.

As it’s a special day for the children to meet someone new, in this case, Mr D, the London Supply Teacher.

They would sketch around their hand with a pencil, then use a felt tip pen of their favourite colour to make it look better & colour it in with their favourite colour, with a coloured pencil.

Also the children were showed how to do an acrostic poem like this…..with their Christian name.


Also I would get every child one by one to come up to me at my desk, I would then write their name in bubble writing.

They’d then colour it in. With each letter one colour or each letter a different colour.

I use to do these Activities too.

I would introduce the children to the fun nine times tables theory.

& of course if the weather was good Physical Education in the playground.


Four sets of Rules, playground layout template.

Chalked by the children or spray painted by the Primary schools Caretaker’s.

Nivsta Boards most important Rule.

Nivsta Boards Skills.

Explanation on how to use your imagination & test yourself.

Four sets of Rules, how to chalk them & play them.

Physical Education, Art, ( colour ), Numeracy, ( number ) & Literacy ( alphabet word ), Curriculums.

Alphabet – Word & Number Rules.

Physical Education, Literacy & Numeracy Curriculums.

Line Basic Rules.

Physical Education Curriculum.

Fine days-Rainy days. At, Home, School or Community.

❤️Back to basics❤️

❤️One day👍

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