NEW IDEAS. TRANSPORT. Tunnel Crossing & Motorway Congestion Ideas. Lump sum payment from New Zealand, Government.

I’ve also suggested an Auckland Harbour Crossing. (Tunnel).


Scooter’s down the bus lanes etc.

From Bus Intersections.

As far North as possible.

To the base of the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

Dig a tunnel(crossing), under ground.

While the tunnel is been produced.

Pontoons over the water, to take Scooters to the Southern side of the Bridge.

Until Tunnel is dug.

Spring & Summer only?, until Tunnel is ready.

Buses don’t go down the Tunnel.

At Bus on ramps.

Scooter’s enter too.

Buses & Scooter’s down the bus lane.

Traffic 🚦 lights.

60kms speed limit only, for both two forms of Transport etc.

Safe traveling distance, there will be cameras all down the Lanes.

On return from a ride on a scooter enter Pontoons or Tunnel when ready.

From Southern side of the City or wherever you came from, after friend(s), work etc.

A lane will need to be built, at the current final stop of current bus lane stop etc!, to take Scooters only to the Temporary Pontoons. Or tunnel when ready.

The tunnel will be both ways.

North to South, South to North.



Scooters get onto trains.

Also Bicycles & Elecrtic Scooters.

Off, at Lane, to tunnel.

Or Park your scooter at the Scooter, Bicycles & Electric Scooters too,Park, by the base of the Bridge.

& walk both ways through the tunnel!

Or a Rollercoaster. ( Please use your imagination here ).


Elaborate = Designers.



Scooters down bus lane.

New lane to Northern side of the Bridge.

Scooters & Cars, Motor Bikes & Trucks over the Bridge, 60km’s an hour, for all traffic!

Maybe introduce a Toll.

Scooters off at new exit lane to take them elsewhere etc!

Southern side.

Return from lane already in place!

Near Parnell – Ponsonby!

There is already a lane at the Motorway near POLICE OFFICES!

On the left.

So maybe just new lanes.

One Northern side of the Bridge, to tunnel ( Pontoons ), one exiting Bridge on Southern side & maybe one more Northern side of Motorway!

To take you to the Tunnel, which takes you to, the Bus-Scooter Lane.

Two new Tunnels.

One under Ocean!

Scooters Tunnel.

& one after new lane, at Northern exit to take scooters to, right hand side, to enter bus & scooter lane.

This is the challenge.

We need a new tunnel from Nothern Bridge exit, to go under to bus lane on the right hand side etc!

Or Park your scooter at the Scooter Park, by the base of the Bridge.

& walk both ways through the tunnel!

Use your imagination please.



What does it mean to be congested of a place?

1. adjective. A congested road or area is extremely crowded and blocked with traffic or people. He promised to clear the city’s congested roads.



People in cars on Motorways👍

Off at…………………………………..?

Same pickup each day for Work👍

Save gas, time & Work in car on Laptop👍

Or as you will see in the image, vans, fitting a lot of passengers etc👍 This is a bonus!⭐️

They get to go over the Bridge & more direct than Buses!👍❤️

Watch this video

Get an UBER, OLA or DiDi to a Work mate(s), friend)s), home etc. Walk there, scooter there, drive there, bus, taxi there, bike there, get dropped off by someone etc😇

Then get a car to loading truck area.

Or walk, bike, bus, scooter to loading truck car park etc. To meet a friend(s), work mate(s), car, before heading to Work with loading truck😇

Carpool in the forms of transport to load onto loading truck area etc.

In DiDi, Uber, Ola, or taxi, caroool, carpool to loading truck area etc👍🎶

Then carpool to Work on motorway in above forms of transport.

Six seater trucks (One seat for driver ), to take people that are not working on there Job(s) whilst on the way to the drop off Zone etc.

Room for extra people if vechiles are full.

So vechiles on truck, full of vechiles & people sitting in a more stimulating environment etc ! With driver area.

Stay in your car with others for a chat etc.

Or just work etc.

Maybe even have a group meeting in the car, DiDi, Ola, Uber or taxi. On way to destination etc! Whilst in vehicle. etc!

Electric scooter in all above of above forms of loading truck.

& below form(s) etc

So car, yours, friends or DiDi, Ola, Uber, taxi over Bridge in these options on Loading truck! 👍❤️😍🎶👁️👁️

Electric Scooter to Work etc !

In boot of a car, DiDi, taxi, Ola, Uber, then scooter to Work from MARKS drop off ZONE😇👍❤️🎶🌞🏁✌️👁️👁️👌

RETURN TRIP all same as ABOVE Route-Journey😇👍⭐️❤️🎶👁️👁️🏁👌✌️©️🏳️‍🌈©️😍

Drop off area use your imagination etc here👍🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

Organize transport, if needed from drop off Zone! etc ! To get to destination etc!


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