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What does Mark 12 verse 34 mean?

One of the scribes, an expert in the Mosaic law, has asked Jesus to identify the primary commandment. Jesus responds that if we know God, love God, and love others, we will fulfill the whole Law.

Auckland Star Newspaper delivery boy.

Rangitioto College tuck shop worker.

Palmer’s garden centre worker.

Supermarket checkout operator.

Indoor lifeguard.

Aqua-robics Instructor.

Swimming Instructor.

Diploma in Teaching Primary, Intermediate. New Zealand qualification. Three year Diploma.

London Supply Teacher 1998-2002.

My London Supply Teaching secrets.

My London Supply Teaching secrets. 1998-2002. With view to helping Kid’s in the playground, with the Nivsta Boards, game. NZ Relief Teachers. Back to basics!

CEO Nivsta Boards.



1998 to present.


I retired in Auckland in 2002, after a good few trials & a run of 13km’s, the longest run in my life.


Trialed with Central United FC.
Scored two goals from right Fullback in both pre-season games.
Won the West Auckland Forrest run.

Not signed.

I texted him a few days ago 2023 January, I asked him why he didn’t sign me, this was his reply.

From the 2002 Trial.

I wanted to, but I knew we didn’t have enough in the budget for a player of your quality. 2023. (I waited 21 years later to ask him).

Mark Arsenal Football Team.


Mark is right footed.

When Mark was SCOUTED.

Mark Dalzell is right footed.

What is the meaning of myth and legend?

Myths are stories that are passed down about how or why something came to be. Legends are designed to teach a lesson about a real person in history, with a few facts dramatically changed.

by Imed Bouchrika, Phd

Chief Data Scientist & Head of Content.

Do you know the best bachelor’s degree to pursue if you’re aiming for a high-paying, fast-growing job? Navigating yourself in today’s world takes more than just guts and determination. It would help if you also had a market understanding of the desired job roles and how these various degrees fare together.


Watch “Matt Cardle – The First Time (Ever I Saw Your Face)” on YouTube. 

Focused Shorter Story.

!2002🌟Retired – Footballer 🌟 2002!

🌟Now a Businessman🌟

How to forgive someone who hurt you – Buddhism In English.

Watch “Pope Francis gives his solemn blessing” on YouTube.

My Business ideas, Football CV & Job CV. All copyrighted ©️

I’ve also suggested an Auckland Tunnel Harbour Crossing.

Scooter’s down the bus lanes etc.

From Bus Intersections.

As far North as possible.

To the base of the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

Dig a tunnel(crossing), under ground.

While the tunnel is been produced.

Pontoons over the water, to take Scooters to the Southern side of the Bridge.

Until Tunnel is dug.

Spring & Summer only?,  until Tunnel is ready.

Buses don’t go down the Tunnel.

At Bus on ramps.

Scooter’s enter too.

Buses & Scooter’s down the bus lane.

Traffic 🚦 lights.

60kms speed limit only, for both two forms of Transport etc.

Safe traveling distance, there will be cameras all down the Lanes.

On return from a ride on a scooter enter Pontoons or Tunnel when ready.

From Southern side of the City or wherever you came from, after friend(s), work etc.

A lane will need to be built, at the current final stop of current bus lane stop etc!, to take Scooters only to the Temporary Pontoons. Or tunnel when ready.

The tunnel will be both ways.

North to South, South to North.

Elaborate = Designers.

Your Bestie.

With All I Am.