NIV IT play it.

One player on either side of the Nivsta Board.

Different to NIV IT ACTIVITY as to with NIV IT PLAY IT ONE CHANCE now you are starting at a number then going down in numbers for your game.

Two metres away from the Board, player one does 10 throws and rebound catches. He/she then throws the ball to player two on the other side of the Board, who then does 10 throws and catches.

The game goes down in numbers to 1 throw and catch.

Note if a player misses the Board on their throw or drops the rebound he/she then starts the game back at ten throws and catches again. NOTE only if he or she chooses, this is where ONE CHANCE comes in. You can take your ONE CHANCE and choose to stay on that number having just missed the Board or having dropped your rebound catch.

The game can be played at two metres away from the Nivsta Board or a distance thats suits the players skill level.

Note when the ball is thrown to the other player on the other side of the Board to have their turn, if he/she drops the ball he/she is still on that number from that throw.

The winner is the first to get to 1 throw and  rebound catch.