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What is the meaning of myth and legend?

Myths are stories that are passed down about how or why something came to be. Legends are designed to teach a lesson about a real person in history, with a few facts dramatically changed.




Whero Kahurangi Kōwhai Kakariki Mā Karaka Waiporoporo


E wha




Rua tekau

Rua tekau ma rima

Toru tekau

Focused Shorter Story!?

Nivsta Boards.
1) Individual sales.
2) School Programme.
3) Van Day School Programme Franchise.

Dear Reader’s,

The Nivsta day school van Franchise programme is introduced to Primary/Elementary Schools.

Before School time, after school time. (Full Programme).

Also lunchtime & Physical Education time. ( Not the full Programme though ).

The School Programme brochure/leaflet can be given to the Teacher or Principal/Head Teacher.

This will transform the playground with a new game & with the school programme options to increase awareness of the game not only in the playground but also in the classroom.

Year Sixes/Grade 5 children can wear bibs & become youth leaders in the playground Monitoring younger children & supporting them with how to chalk the rules & play the rules etc.

How to chalk the four sets of Rules & play them.

Now your Primary/Elementary Schools are transformed with the introduction of something new & Educational.

The four sets of Rules.

Line Basic Rules.

Physical Education Curriculum.

Alphabet/word Rules.

Physical Education Curriculum.

Literacy Curriculum.

Number Rules.

Physical Education Curriculum.

Numeracy Curriculum.

Colour Rules.

Physical Education Curriculum.

Art Curriculum.

22 Activities, links.
Day School Van Franchise Programme.

The most exciting parts of the Van day school programme.

  1. Coming soon at the end of the Programme dip the ball in paint, throw it at the Board. Each child has a turn. The Board is wooden, it gets a tennis ball paint job by the children.

Part of the cost for the Van Franchise is this unique idea, all fun and the wooden Nivsta Board is free inclusive of the Programme cost. For your school or sports club etc.



This is rather Special

COMING SOON, Nivsta clothing.

One qr code sticker to take you to,


One qr code sticker to take you to the, Nivsta know it all book.

Nivsta Boards Skills & Values.

Also four Curriculums.

Line – Basic Rules.

honesty with what line you are on, memory, focus, concentration, communication, throwing and catching skills,  hand eye co-ordination, reaction times, decision making, vision, under pressure,  strategies and co-operation.

Physical Education Curriculum.

Number Rules.

throwing and catching skills, honesty with what number you are on,memory, focus, hand eye co-ordination, communication, concentration, addition and subtraction work, decision making, reaction times, vision, under pressure,  strategies and co-operation.

Numeracy Curriculum.

Also, Physical Education Curriculum.

Alphabet – word Rules.

throwing and catching skills, honesty what letter you are on, memory, focus, hand eye co-ordination, alphabet familiarization, word work, communication, concentration, decision making, reaction times, vision, under pressure,  strategies and co-operation.

Literacy Curriculum.

Also, Physical Education Curriculum.

Colour Rules.

throwing and catching, hand eye co-ordination, focus, communication, concentration, decision making, co-operation, reaction times, vision, under pressure,  strategies  and  with Colour Rules 2 you have to play with honesty and use your memory as to what colour you have already thrown and caught from.

Art Curriculum.

Also, Physical Education Curriculum.

“There has been considerable change in behaviour for many children as a result of the Nivsta Boards. We are use to seeing some games being popular for a short while and then becoming cast aside for something new but these boards are being used daily after three months with interest as strong as ever.”

London, England, Mrs D L Campbell, Head Teacher.

New 👍

A stencil to spray paint the Brand name & Slogan onto each game manufactured. 😊

No stickers anymore.

Coming one day when I can afford it, the Playground floor rules layout spray paint template stencil ( two piece ). Cost, around $1,000. 👍

Around 8 years ago, a one off event.


One qr code to take you to,

& one qr code to take you to the,

Nivsta know it all book.

The first Nivsta Mascot will be great.

Even if it’s just for him or her dressed in the outfit, he or she can visit schools as a free offer to start off with once a school has purchased a Nivsta Board ( s ) & after school programmes too that have purchased Nivsta Board ( s ).

Elderly play the game too.