Nivsta warm-up activity

Before you start the Nivsta Board game use this as an optional warm-up activity.
The children stand in a circle, one child walks around the outside of the circle touching the other children on the shoulder and saying
Niv It(with each touch), then the next child and saying Niv It.
When the child has been doing it for a while they then touch a child on the shoulder and say Niv It Now.
The two children run around the circle to the place where they came from then into the middle of the circle to grab the tennis ball. The first to run around the circle to the spot to the circle to the tennis ball gets to do Niv It again. The game can go on for about 5 minutes and is fun and makes the children familiar with Niv It, Niv It Now the slogan for Nivsta Boards. Also the teacher/facilitator reminds the kids that a Niv It is a throw and catch of the ball of the rebound off the Board.