Num-BARS Game, 1-12. Countries- FlagS-game. Use this in Kindergarten.

Num-BARS game.

Spinning wheel numbered 1-12. A mat numbered 1-12. Or mat’s and Wheels, for more than twelve Infants.

Infant one  spins the number wheel and sits on that number on the Num-BAR mat. Next infant spins the number wheel and sits on that number on the Num-BAR mat, if they spin the same number as the first infant’s number he or she spins again until he or she gets a different number to sit on. Continue on with this process. Obviously the more numbers that are spun and sat on the harder it is for the infants when it is there turn, as numbers are already taken and sat on. This is where it becomes fun. Infants keep spinning the wheel until there are 12 of you infants sitting on the Num-BAR mat. When it gets harder to spin on a Num-BAR because numbers have already been taken, the Teacher says to the infant, you can move the arrow, pointer closer to the number(s) that are free to spin on to. This will save time too. But still fun. The Teacher guides the infants to what numbers are still available to spin on to.

Whilst the infants are sitting on the mat note to keep them entertained the tv is on to entertain them, whilst the other infants spin the wheel.

While the infants spin the wheel they get entertained by watching one another spin the wheel.

Next the most well behaved infant sitting on the mat spins the number Wheel. He or she then spins a 7. If he or she wasn’t sitting on 7 he or she then goes and holds hands with 7 infant and together hand out fruit and water, milk or juice to the remaining sweethearts. Next the child that ate all their fruit and drank all their drink chooses a freind to collect all cups and remaining fruit scraps. Then story time from Staff. Please Note Num-BARS game is infant focused. Amen.

If you have more than 12 Infants at your kindergarten use two mats and two number spin wheels. That covers for 24 darlings.

The Mats will be made of plastic with anti sliding undercover grip, rolled out for the infants, safe for fruit and liquid spillages, hence easy to clean and to be reused.

Imagine a large mat.

Spinning wheel.

Countries FlagS Game

Same as above but spin the wheel to sit on the Mat with the matching same flag as the wheel. There are alot of Countries in the world so when you buy the game it will come with all Countries but each time you use it you pull out a new wheel and new mat, to process through all the Worlds Countries. The mats will have a flag on them and the name of the Country matching. Rotate mats as you go day to day. With the matching wheel. Guide the infants to whatever Countries haven’t been spun on to yet, as per the same support for the infant(s) as per the above description in the Num-BARS game.

Pre-School/Kindergarten Activity.

The Infants will link a Letter to a word to learn the Alphabet & remember how many numbers are in the Alphabet.

Also learning how to spell to 26-Twenty Six.

& finally Multi-Tasking.


As you go around in circle, start with A.

A child then says, from the circle, A for Apple.

One, the infant says o-n-e, to spell it.

This continues until the whole Alphabet-Numbers 1-26 is Completed.

It can be a daily Routine-Activity.