*Progress Report*

Four Sets of Rules.

7 different colours.

Nivsta Boards can be screwed to the playground floor.

You can play,

One v one



Two v two


With one tennis ball, between the two or four of you.

Or one v one with one tennis ball each, if you miss hitting the Nivsta Board with your throw, collect your own tennis ball then continue playing. First to complete the rule is the winner.

If you drop the rebound catch you are still on the same,





For your next turn.

If the chalked Rules are to easy, just chalk them further away from the Nivsta Board.

Reference Quotes.

“There has been considerable change in behaviour for many children as a result of the Nivsta Boards. We are use to seeing some games being popular for a short while and then becoming cast aside for something new but these boards are being used daily after three months with interest as strong as ever.”

London, England, Mrs D L Campbell, Head Teacher.

“This means the children are outside doing something physical whilst also having to engage their brains.“

“Playing the Nivsta Boards

    are a great form of meditation.”   

Quote MD

Auckland, New Zealand, Liz Brotherton, Sports Co-Ordinator.

“It could be included as part of any Mainstream or Special School

England, Kevin Dew, Sailsbury District, Behaviour Support Service.

“……at this School the Nivsta Boards have added to the quality of play, and the ease of supervision during playtimes.”

London, Brixton, England, Paul Shepheard, Head Teacher.

Thanks for dropping off the three free Nivsta Boards. The children are playing them and Loving them.

Primary School’s, Head Of Physical Education Teacher. Sarah.