The days we went to the car wash.

Children’s Story…..coming soon…

Page 1. The dog ran away. But came back.

Picture of the dog jumping out the window and coming back.

Page 2. Dad forgot to put the car window up.

Picture of the window down and the soap foam entering the car through the window.

Page 3. Mum dropped the car wash paper password and it got wet in the puddle.

Picture of mum reaching out the driver’s window and dropping the paper password in the puddle.

Page 4. The car wash broke down and we had to wait for help, we got stuck.

Picture of the repair man freeing us and us exiting the car wash.

Page 5. We had to use the vacuum as my Football boots and the dog’s fur was a mess in the boot of the car.

Picture of me using the vacuum while my sister holds the boots in her hands.

Page 6. As a family we decided that washing the car at home was the best idea. My sister and I now get $10 each to hand wash the car at home every Sunday. I’m saving for a skateboard and my sister is saving for a set of roller blades.

Picture of us washing the car with the hose and sponges together.

The end.

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