The PIOW. Pass It On Watch. Or PIOB. Pass It On Bracelet.

( P )ass, ( I )t, ( O )n & ( W )atch
Social Development & Media.
Terms Conditions.
Privacy for your login to the PIOW app etc.
Maybe a code on the underneath of the PIOW. Or a code to scan, to go to the PIOW’S Ownership ( & so on etc )! Before logging in, to add your ownership!
A code, password needed, code to scan, to transfer ownership etc.
Manufacturer/creator use your imagination.
Meet new friends.
At the secure app, text, type in what you want to share.
100% up to you, photo( s ), name or Mobile Phone Number etc, shared whilst logged in at the PIOW’S app. To share with the owner, new Passed on human, what you want Privately at your own choice shared via the secure PIOW app!
At the PRIVATE app….an option to share what you want!
Pass the watch on at a place of your desire etc.
Previous app owners ( information etc ), can be shared at the app or the new owner can delete previous owner ( s ) etc! The owner can delete their sharing’s, at anytime etc. Access to current, old or new owner ( s ) etc, is the CEO’S, Manufacturer’s development!🙏
Solar powered battery etc….powered by light, artificial light or an option of electricity power!
The PIOW has adjustable strap etc.
Different colours etc.
Made in Australia!
Manufacturered in Australia only!
The PIOW encompasses all other Social Media….all in one!
At the app, with the chip ( BRAIN ), look at your details etc on your own!
At your Privacy on both your Mobile Phone, secured or laptop etc!
Kind regards,
PEACE forever!
No copyright ©️ Except ownership by valued kind, focused, respectful human!
May the PIOW, work privately as God wants!
– 🙏 A watch.
– 🙏 Glow in the dark face/screen etc.
– 🙏 Solar powered, Electrical power activated battery.
– 🙏 100% PRIVACY of ownership etc.
– 🙏 The idea is Pass It On.
– 🙏 In PRIVACY or in view of cameras, person, people or at a Social area, up to you, you’re responsible of when & where you Pass It On.
– 🙏 PIOW’S made, sold & bought at your own discretion!
– 🙏 Strong durable straps, replaceable etc.
– 🙏 Please note this is NEW & I’m not the owner or responsible for whoever takes responsibility of OWNERSHIP etc.
R18 or R25 ish, when the brain stops development!
Developer use your imagination etc.
Lost, damaged or wrong PIOW place, at the PIOW’S,  app’s current ownership whilst owning it, wearing it, on or found.
Never share with anyone who can’t prove their age at the discretion of what the Owner, CEO, Manufacturer thinks of, to keep under R18’S – R25 ish’s,  underage safe!
🙏 – If found, the app won’t allow the owner at the app’s password/code etc at the login at the app, Privacy, terms Conditions etc, accessable!, to another party!
Please CEO, MANUFACTURER who takes on the Ownership of the PIOW, make it 100% SECURE!


No copyright ©️ 2023.