The PIOW. Pass It On Watch.🙏Or PIOB. Pass It On Bracelet.❤️

First fuller description.



 Solar powered, Electrical power activated battery.


 100% PRIVACY of ownership etc.


 The idea is Pass It On.


 In PRIVACY or in view of cameras, person, people or at a Social area, up to you, you’re responsible of when & where you Pass It On.


 PIOW’S made, sold & bought at your own discretion!


 Strong durable straps, replaceable etc.


 Please note this is NEW & I’m not the owner or responsible for whoever takes responsibility of OWNERSHIP etc.
R18 or R25 ish, when the brain stops development!
Developer use your imagination etc.
Lost, damaged or wrong PIOW place, at the PIOW’S,  app’s current ownership whilst owning it, wearing it, on or found.
Never share with anyone who can’t prove their age at the discretion of what the Owner, CEO, Manufacturer thinks of, to keep under R18’S – R25 ish’s,  underage safe!


 – If found, the app won’t allow the owner at the app’s password/code etc at the login at the app, Privacy, terms Conditions etc, accessable!, to another party!
Please CEO, MANUFACTURER who takes on the Ownership of the PIOW, make it 100% SECURE!


The PIOW encompasses all other Social Media….all in one!

Solar Power & adapter power. Charging.

Glow in the dark face/screen.

Replaceable watch straps.

As the first owner, register at the app.

Pass it on once you’ve added what you want.

Photo( s ), your name, nickname, interests, hobbies, friends, religion, places you like, where you were born, your Job & date of birth etc.

App saves your information etc.

Pass it on at your own discretion etc.

Where, when & how.

Once the new watch owner receives it they can view your app details etc.

The idea you met them as a stranger or someone you know.

At the app, once logged in, see previous owners information etc.

Once the media & watch gets passed on, meet as a group etc. Similar interests etc.

Delete your app information when you want.

At the app features.

– Photo ( s ), name, use your imagination etc.

– Like others interests, photos etc.

– Message one another.

– Purchase requirements. R18 or maybe R25 ish, when the brain stops development.

– Report misuse to the Employees of the PIOW etc.

– The app will be improved with feedback from PIOW users. To the Headquarters etc.

– Invite others to purchase the PIOW if it has worked for you.

– Yours, as the first owner information, can’t be seen until the watch has passed on. Plus new owners etc.

– Edit your information at anytime, at the app.

– If you own a PIOW you don’t have to always be seen in public wearing it.

– Strap it on at your own discretion.

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