TV Jeep Show

TV Game Show

Something about a course



Filming of Zoomed in views of Sponsors Products & so on

Camera’s on the Jeeps

Use your imagination please

The New – New Zealand Prime Minister could sign the contract, to open, permission

All go & follow, for a few laps led by the Prime Minister by a cool car.

To get to know the course, but no stops, just a cool slow speed, around the course.


Watch “In Control – Hillsong Worship” on YouTube. Come to Church lovelies!

Peace symbol icon set. Hand drawn illustration isolated on white background. Pacifism sign – dove, handshake, olive branch, heart, planet. No WAR collection.


Around a course.

Crlebrity Show & Public Show.

So Celebtrity Jeep Show & Public ( New Celeb’s Jeep Show ).

Pit Stop – one.

Change a tyre. Using tools in boot. Change a tyre of your choice. Then swap it with another tyre, not the spare tyre, as it’s flat for Stop nine. Activity

Pit Stop – two,

Vacuum all floors in Jeep

Pit Stop – three,

Top up windscreen wiper fluid

Pit Stop – four,

Pack boot with magazine piles

Pit Stop – five,

Load the Jeep with two bikes. On tow bar

Pit Stop – six,

Go through a CARWASH

Pit Stop — seven,

load surfboards onto roof rack


Pit Stop – eight,

When you’re in the Jeep.

The Passenger is to close there eyes on final Pit Stop journey, from Pit Stop 8 to 9.

Enjoy the ride.

Use passcode JEEP, to open, to get key to unlock spare tyre in Pit Stop – nine. – Found in glovebox…. passcode! Passcode for key in safe, at address found in box at Street. Street name yet to be invented etc ( not as yet ), password – To open, release tyre etc, with key…. located at very special location.

When you’re in the Jeep.

The Passenger is to close there eyes on final Pit Stop journey, from Pit Stop 8 to 9.

Enjoy the ride.

Pit Stop – nine,

Pump up spare tyre, to get you to the Finish line. Use key to unlock spare tyre in this, your last Stop

& So on…..Track or Course

Times can be timed

My, it’s a Tournament

Multi – Screenings

Multi – Episodes

Either a race or individually timed

So many Jeeps or one at a time, timed. So just a reminder, no speeding during the course & if it’s a race track designed by Jeep…. only over take if it’s a race, when you have a chance, at Pit Stops or Final straight

The control Team will have monitor’s on Jeep’s in case a Jeep breaks the speed limit

Different sexualities will have the choice of a coloured Jeep to express themselves

You over take in car works…Pit – Stops (grab a Pita Pit)

Also final straight

The winner, gets a brand new Jeep.


Watch “Creed – With Arms Wide Open – [HD] Ao Vivo Em Houston [Legendado PT-BR]” on YouTube.

Co-driver, two drivers, share driving between Stops

Straight married couples


The term stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, pansexual, two-spirit, asexual, and ally. “P” stands for pansexual: A term that describes a person who may have a physical, emotional, or romantic attraction to people of any gender

Drivers must stick to the speed limits around the course

Time it

Break speed limit on final straight that is 1km long…& carefully over take

Maybe obstacles

Interval start times….Or just timed, may be the best options

Then grab a Red Bull



You could have a playlist in the Jeep

Offering different sexualities a choice of these 22 songs…. whilst on the Course, @ a Jeep NZ – app

I started my VISION DREAMS

I left NZ when I was 21 year’s old October the 9th 1997

Or One of the Sponsors could be a radio station & driver’s play there radio station in the Jeeps. ( Radio station sticker on car bumper ). You could play music, from here

The Sponsoring Radio station, could advertise Jeep Show coming soon, dates, year what channel





1) In Control – Hillsong Worship

1) Sami Yusuf – Make Me Strong with lyrics – سامي يوسف – اجعلني قويا

2) Eye Of The Tiger – Survivor (Lyrics)

3) The Best – Tina Turner (Lyrics)

4) Stereophonics Dakota With Lyrics

5) Rapture – Nadia Ali Full and Official Lyrics – HD!

6) Rawaa’ Beautiful Nasheed By Raid al-Qahtani

7) Jessica Simpson – I Wanna Love You Forever

8) Angels, We Invite You – Julie True // Healing Love

9) Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers – Islands In the Stream (Lyrics)

10) Matt Cardle – The First Time (Ever I Saw Your Face)

11) Cliff Richard – Wired For Sound Lyrics

12) Coldplay – A Sky Full Of Stars (Official Video)

13) Prince – The Most Beautiful Girl In The World (Lyrics)

14) Delta Goodrem – Sitting on Top of the World (Official Video)

15) George Michael – Amazing (Lyrics)

16) Hillsong Worship- SHOUT TO THE LORD Lyrics

17) Helene Fischer – The Power Of Love

18) Creed – With Arms Wide Open

19) With All I Am | Hillsong (feat. Darlene Zschech)

20) Amazed Lonestar

21) I Want to Spend My Lifetime Loving You



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2) survivor eye of the tiger lyrics

3) tina turner the best lyrics

4) stereophonics dakota lyrics

5) iio rapture lyrics 

6) Rawaa’ Beautiful Nasheed By Raid al-Qahtani

7) jessica simpson i wanna love you forever lyrics 

8) Angels, We Invite You – Julie True // Healing Love

9) dolly parton islands in the stream lyrics 

10) matt cardle the first time ever i saw your face lyrics 

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18) creed with arms wide open lyrics 

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21) tina arena i want to spend my lifetime loving you lyrics