Now……Part one…..

I’m currently looking for a business to sponsor my Nivsta Board enterprise.

At this stage, with full sponsorship for all costs to pay for the boards to be made, packaging, postage and printing of award certificates. These to be provided free to Primary schools, After School clubs and School holiday programmes. The Nivsta Board award certificates handed out to children on completion of the tasks, as directed by the teacher/supervisor.

Your business logo and name to be included on all the Nivsta Board products. This would be great advertising for your company with a minimal outlay of costs.

If appropriate, you may like to offer your products as give-aways to the children as prizes or gifts.

Please see the link below which explains the Nivsta Board concept, competitions and rules.

I believe my product is a great resource for young children, to assist with literacy, numeracy, Physical Education skills and co-operation in groups.

Your consideration to my request is much appreciated.

The first Nivsta Mascot will be great.

Even if it’s just for him or her dressed in the outfit, he or she can visit schools & after school programmes.

I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Van Franchise, Draft.

Introduce the School Programme.

Part two……

Because it’s still early days in my Business, Sponsorship promotion will be limited to the Nivsta Boards, a flag with your Business name and or Logo and my Website front page. Also stickers with your Business name or logo can be promoted on winners certificate prizes. Finally your Business name or Logo on the year sixes, Monitors bibs. If you are willing to donate prizes for the kids also, your Business will be seen and recognized. That’s six ways of been seen and promoted.

With your support we can get an awesome YouTube video made of kids playing the Nivsta Board games four sets of Rules and maybe get the first Van up and running.

Part three……

You will have the choice of options to promote your Business with mine. Your Business name or Logo can go on the Nivsta Boards, tennis balls, the Vans, the scratchies and the playground spray paint rules layout template. Also at this website you can be promoted with Sponsorship, on the front page. Your Businesses name and or logo, on a advertising flag. Your Business stickers name or logo can be stuck onto the certificate prizes. Year sixes wear Monitors bibs. Your Business name or logo can be printed on to the bibs. While the children are watching the in Van tv, not only does it show them how to chalk the four sets of Rules, also how to play them, it can have your Businesses advert (s) playing before the instructional part’s & at the end of the viewing too. Or even just picture (s) slide show etc. The Nivsta Boards could be spray painted the colour of your Business if appropriate. Importantly with Nivsta Board competition prizes, your products can be given away. That’s twelve ways of been seen and promoted.

Van Franchise.

Playground rules, spray paint Template, Sponsorship of your Businesses name or Logo. Spray painted on the playground floor with the Principal’s permission.


Certificate time, Sponsors stickers can go on to the certificates.
Van day School Programme.
Your Business name or logo can go on the bottom of my websites front page.
Front, scratchie.

If you scratch a Mr Mini Nivsta, you win a Nivsta Board. Van Franchise Programme, one in thirty is a winner.

Your Business name or logo can go on year six Monitors bibs.

Around 8 years ago, a one off event at & for Northcote Library.