DALZEY’S Football DRILLS for 10 kids. Repetition! Repeat each week!

Each ball, dribbling the length of the field and back.

Two groups of five, in two circles, say one child at a time, your favorite football team then kick your ball and try to hit the cone in the center of the circle.

In 3’s one person stands with their legs apart in the middle, the other two players with a ball between two pass the ball with the aim of passing the ball between the player in the middle legs. So one child then the middle child, then the third child on the other side of the middle child. If you have a few goes then swap around to be the  child in the middle.

Juggling skills.

At DALZEY ‘s Drills we don’t count more than 10 juggles at a time as we don’t want to take away the self-esteem of other children who can’t juggle as well ( yet ).

Kick the ball as far as you can.

Learn the correct throw for the throw and that works with children who stand next to each other and throw. Start with throw ins aimed at the feet, control for your friend, throw on the thighs, then chest then head.

Having a rugby tackle bag will have goes to tackling the bag, tackling it to the boot, leg.
Use right leg and left leg.

12 cones one meter apart curved cone dribbling course.
Children on either end, no competition.
A dribbler on each end starts the course at the same time, the fun part is that you have to dribble eyes up like you want the dribblers to dribble past each other on the course.

Boys and girls in two circles, chip the ball into a hoop that lies flat on the field. Or just pass the soccer ball and aim it rolling into the flat hoop on the ground.

Say against each other 12 yards apart, say go then kick your balls, the goal is to kick and hit one anothers ball mid way, or wherever. Or maybe aim to kick in the air, aim to hit your friend’s ball in the air.

Finish with a game playing with Mark but he’s on the side that has possession of the football. We don’t count the goals, the children know if you’ve scored goals. At DALZEY’s drills after a game we have a shoot out, shooting into an empty goal.

Hey kids, what are your thoughts on after goal partying. Jumping on the back of a goalscorer also takes a bit of energy off a professional’s legs.

At the end of all the exercises and the game as a group, we all sit down and share what we have enjoyed the most and what we want to improve next time.

*New* 2021, game one. 2022, game two. Non-Stop FootBall.

2018 Mark Dalzell. Dalzey’s Drills © copyright

Best moment in London, scoring a goal in Tooting, from over halfway.

2018 Dalzey’s Drills © copyright Mark Dalzell

Marks Football CV.


I use to train with Kevin Fallon, Sean Fallon & Rory Fallon before School.

I received my Bronze, Silver & Gold Award’s at the old New Zealand Soccer Holiday Programme.

North City Rep, three years in a row.

I was selected for the School’s of Excellence training squad with Jason Batty in goal too.

I use to play half a game for Rangitioto College second 11, then a full game for the first team in the afternoon.

Auckland Under 19’s. 

Played at Mount Smart.

I was offered $50 a game to play for Forrest Hill Milford in my late teens.

I made various appearance’s for Glenfield Rovers off the bench, for the 1st team, with the odd start, in 1997.

Then on October the 9th 1997 I moved to Halifax & trained with the YT’s that had time off school to train, under the guidance of Bernard Alison.

I moved back to London, the first game I watched was with my sister at the Hendon ground.

I trialed with Hampton & Richmond & also played off the bench at the Police Headquarters in London, whilst making other starts for them too.

I trialed with Barnet, but walked part of the way to get there & didn’t perform very well.

I was Scouted playing for a Sunday League Football Team Brookers, a Pub team in Kent. Sent to Stuttgart to train under an agent with his players, under his Agency.

I trialed with Lincoln City at Notts County ground Reserve’s. I played for the first half.

I retired in Auckland in 2002, after a good few trials & a run of 13km’s, the longest run in my life.